Spacepod Portable Charger 2600mAh


Spacepod’s Shuttle Mk 2 Portable Power Bank Charger is a high quality top of the line charger that would suit the discerning buyer. It is the latest style portable charger that is ideal for busy executives, travelers, students and anyone who requires an efficient and reliable charger, the ideal gift.

It has been tested and certified to the IEC61233 standard which is the international safety standard for Lithium Batteries.

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Spacepod Shuttle Mk 2 Portable Power Bank Charger 2600 mAh
Clear Hard Case Acrylic Gift Box
Perfect for X’Mas gifts or corporate gifts
Includes micro USB cable
Sturdy aluminium casing
Protects against over charging, short circuiting
and over discharging
Re-chargeable more than 500 times
Universal USB and micro USB socket
Charging light
For iPhones, android, phones, tablets, mp3,
cameras, game consoles, action camera, sat
navs and more.
Battery Cell Type:Lithium Ion
Rated Input:DC 5V/1000 mA
Rated output: DC 5V/1000 mA
Battery Capacity:2600 mAh

Contents of Pack:

Charger and micro USB cable


Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3.25 × 2.1 cm

Black, Blue, Green


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